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You wake up in an underground cave. You don't know how on earth you got there. You need to get out; FAST! You find that the cave is filled with traps and obstacles to block your way. Even worse, water is rising and you can't swim! Will you make it out?

Download PC client installer: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rq9xtndsmlr8h5w/...



Arrow keys: to move.
R: restart the level (NOT the entire game!)

Door: Sends you to next level.
Spikes: Kill you on contact.
Wrecking Balls: Also kill you on contact.
Key: Opens locked door.
Locked doors: Doors that block your path
Crates: Push these into holes in the ground to clear the path ahead.



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its a nice concept the hero char could look better and its impossible for me to pass the 3 or 4 level

thanks! The game is quite hard and we rushed the graphics a little.